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We specialise in cardiovascular diseases.  We believe that patients are the decision makers with matters relating to their health.  We do not think that 'one size fits all'.  We work together with our patients to prevent and treat their medical conditions.  We know that health is only achievable by both working together.  Doctors can not do it alone.  Patients can not do it alone.  We make extra effort to keep patients out of the hospital.

Quick access, prompt diagnosis and treatment lead to better outcomes.

Patients can walk in any time.

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Cardiac Conditions and Corresponding Services

Coronary Artery Disease

Cholesterol plaque build up in the arteries that supply the heart muscle with blood.  It can result in angina (chest pain or shortness of breath), heart attack, heart failure, and syncope.

Valvular Heart Disease

The valves on the left side of the heart are susceptible to thickening which either can lead to stenosis causing the valve not open wide to let the blood flow or can lead to incompetent valve that leaks backward.  Most common valves affected are the aortic and Mitral valves.


Weak heart muscle resulting in a weak pump.  Normal heart function is measured by Ejection Fraction.  an EF of 60 - 65 %.  An EF of less than 30 % is severe Cardiomyopathy


Bradycardia or slow heart beat - requires a pacemaker

Tachycardia or fast heart beat - requires medication or Ablation

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