About Our Clinic

Conveniently located at the heart of Downtown Casper on the corner of Durbin and Collins and at a short drive to the Wyoming Medical Center. Dr. Skaf is a world class cardiovascular practitioner and uses state fo the art technology to diagnos and treat cardiovascular disease. Our clinic is equiped with top laboratory machines making it quick, easy and affordable for our patients. Casper Cardiology is a preferred provider with all major insurances including Medicaid and Medicare. We accept all insurances and offer payment plans for non-insured patients.

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Perfect Experience

KNOWLEDGE - SKILL - EXPERIENCE - COMPASSION These are the key ingredients of to the top level of care we provide at Casper Cardiology. In addition to Dr. Skaf's years of schooling, training, research and cardiology practice, Dr. Skaf recently eanrned a Masters Degree in Healthcare Management from the Harvard University School of Public Health.

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Get attentive,cautious care for
your heart!

Patient Info

  • Personal Info

    When visiting our clinic for the first time, we will need patients to fill our registration form. Click on link below to download the form. Please fill this form and bring it with you. for

  • Insurance Coverage

    Please bring you insurance information with you. not insured? Not a problem, we provide payment options.

  • Medical Records

    We will need to know you medical history. Please bring over a copy of your charts or we can take car of that with a simple records release form.

Preventingand treating cardiovascular